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Birdnow Dealerships – Great Customer Service

At the Birdnow Family of Dealerships, the commitment to the customer means everything. With locations in Monona and Oelwein, they draw customers from as far away as Des Moines, and from all over Eastern Iowa, each one looking for the best in new and certified pre-owned cars in Iowa.


Owner Mark Birdnow says that big auto dealers usually advertise a lot, because they need that steady stream of new customers to replace all those one-time car buyers. He has built his dealership on the idea that return customers are the best measure of his success. “We advertise for new customers,” he explains, “as well as work hard to keep the ones we currently have.”

There’s a mistaken idea that that big car dealers somehow get better prices on the new cars they buy from the manufacturer, and that their savings are in turn is passed on to the customer. “That’s simply not true,” Mark Birdnow says.

The Birdnow inventory includes new Chevy, Buick, Ford, and Lincoln cars, trucks, SUVs and crossovers. Their inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles includes many makes.

The key to the success of the Birdnow Family of Dealerships is being easy to work with. Customers can always talk to a manager, or to Mark Birdnow himself. He even has his home number listed in the phone book. He is proud to say that his dealerships in Monona and Oelwein are big enough to have large vehicle inventories, but small enough to know their customers.

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Chevrolet Car Dealers in Monona, Iowa – Birdnow Dealerships

Birdnow Chevrolet isn’t an unfamiliar name to most Iowa residents, and with a new location in Monona, it promises to continue building on its existing decades of reputation. Birdnow Chevrolet is owned and managed by Mark Birdnow, an Iowa native, and he works to bring quality service and affordable prices to as much of Iowa as he can.

Birdnow History

Birdnow Chevrolet didn’t begin in Monona. Instead, it began with Mark Birdnow’s first dealership in Oelwein, Iowa. It was with this dealership that Mr. Birdnow became AMC’s youngest dealer, as of 1976. He went on to represent Dodge, Ram, Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Lincoln at locations across Iowa with a total of four new car dealerships and four additional stand-alone used car dealerships.

Today, Mr. Birdnow has earned recognition for his contributions to Iowa communities on multiple occasions and, with his family, he has continued the expansion of his empire. Both of his sons, Jeremy and Justin, are involved with growing the Birdnow name.

Serving Families

Because Mr. Birdnow keeps his dealerships family-oriented, he consistently strives to help each customer find the best deals possible. When customers come into a Birdnow location, they’re met with low prices and convenient financing options.

Full-Service Care

Birdnow Chevrolet’s Monona location isn’t just about selling customers new and used cars – it’s also focused on providing full-service automotive care. With a trained staff that boasts decades of combined experience and multiple Master-Certified Technicians, Birdnow cuts the frustration out of auto shopping and maintenance for all customers.

Birdnow Chevrolet’s new Monona facility is bringing the quality associated with the Birdnow name to Monona, Iowa, customers everywhere.

The Birdnow enterprise is known for offering Iowa’s largest selection of Dodge, Ram, Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Lincoln vehicles, and its Chevrolet location provides both new and used cars, trucks and SUVs to Monona residents at the best possible prices. The Birdnow Family of Dealerships also offers competitive pricing on new and certified pre-owned cars in Iowa

When customers come into Birdnow Chevrolet’s Monona, Iowa, location, they’ll be greeted with a friendly, well-trained staff that wants nothing more than to find them the best possible deals. Once customers have settled on their vehicles, they’ll also have access to in-store financing applications to keep the buying process as convenient as possible.

Parts, Service, Bed Liners and More!

You might assume that a dealership only sells cars, but Birdnow does more than that. At Birdnow Chevrolet locations, customers have access to parts and services for their vehicles at the hands of ASE-Certified and Master-Certified technicians. With a guarantee of the best service available, customers never need to go elsewhere to keep their vehicles maintained.

Those with trucks or trailers also have the option of spray-in bed liners expertly applied by Birdnow technicians. Spray-in liners protect vehicles for years and give them a trademark rugged look.

Test Driving

If you’d like to try before you buy (and most do), you’ll be able to test drive vehicles through Birdnow Chevrolet’s Monona location. Whether you’re interested in testing the new Chevrolet Silverado or something sportier like the Camaro, you’ll be able to take it for a spin at your leisure.

For more information, contact a trained associate at (866) 762-0222 today.

Birdnow Motor Trade in Oelwein, Iowa: Overview

Birdnow Motor Trade is an automobile dealership serving Northeastern Iowa. It is owned by Mark Birdnow, and offers a newly renovated facility in the town of Oelwein. Customers now have more opportunities than ever to browse amazing deals.

The freshly remodeled showroom and lot will allow customers to browse Dodge, Ram, Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Lincoln vehicles at the best prices around. In addition to a wide selection and low prices, the Birdnow Motor Trade Oelwein location offers financing options designed to save customers as much money as possible.

When you visit the Birdnow Motor Trade in Oelwein, you’ll have access to a Courtesy Shuttle, expert technicians and the best service in the city. For more information, call (319) 283-5571.

Birdnow Motor Trade began in 1976 when Mr. Mark Birdnow purchased his first dealership in Oelwein, Iowa. Since then, the enterprise has grown dramatically, and it has remained a friendly, family-oriented company that offers only the best services.

Mr. Birdnow presently runs four new car dealerships and four stand-alone used car dealerships throughout Iowa. Recently, the Birdnow Motor Trade location in Oelwein underwent renovation to improve the quality of service offered to all customers.

Outstanding Customer Care

Birdnow Motor Trade offers a Courtesy Shuttle, which will take customers to where they need to go during any waiting periods, and then it will come to pick them up when service is complete. Through this and other efforts, the facility provides the best customer care the area has to offer.

Within the facility, you’ll have the pleasure of browsing Iowa’s largest selection of new, used and pre-owned cars from Dodge, Ram, Ford, Jeep, Chrysler, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Lincoln. Mr. Birdnow offers only the best deals and, with in-house financing packages available, all customers can save money and find the vehicles that they need.

Body Shop and Service Department

Birdnow Motor Trade employs a talented team of body shop and service technicians with decades of combined experience. Among these professionals are several Master-Certified and ASE-Certified technicians who promise to fix all problems the right way, every time.

Learn More

To learn more about the Birdnow Motor Trade location in Oelwein, Iowa, call the facility headquarters Monday through Saturday or call (319) 283-5571 to speak with a representative or visit

Birdnow Dealerships – New and Certified Pre-Owned Cars in Eastern Iowa

The Birdnow Family of Dealerships has been serving customers of new and certified pre-owned Chevys and other cars in Eastern Iowa for more than thirty-eight years. Owner Mark Birdnow was just twenty-three years old when he first became a franchised auto dealer – the youngest in the United State.One of the keys to his success is his commitment to his customers. That includes helping them find ways to save money when they buy a car. “We have approximately twenty lenders that we are under contract with,” he explains. “This allows us to shop them for a better finance package than what a consumer can arrange at their local bank or credit union. We present the options and let the consumer make the choice that best fits them.”

And it includes sharing his informed opinion about warranties. Personally, he says he never buys extended warranties on consumer products – except when it comes to cars. And there’s a good reason for that. High-priced household items like refrigerators don’t undergo the wear and tear that a car does, but an extended warranty might cost as much as twenty-five percent of its purchase price. But a good extended warranty for a vehicle will only cost five or six percent of its purchase price.

But if you buy an extended warranty from the Birdnow Family of Dealerships, it’s almost like the factory warranty, and they do all the paperwork. They want satisfied customers, after all. “Our reputation is at stake.”

The Birdnow Family of Dealerships’ owns award-winning car dealerships Near Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Des Moines Iowa, with new and pre-owned Chevy and other cars and trucks.