Birdnow Dealerships – New and Certified Pre-Owned Cars in Eastern Iowa

The Birdnow Family of Dealerships has been serving customers of new and certified pre-owned Chevys and other cars in Eastern Iowa for more than thirty-eight years. Owner Mark Birdnow was just twenty-three years old when he first became a franchised auto dealer – the youngest in the United State.One of the keys to his success is his commitment to his customers. That includes helping them find ways to save money when they buy a car. “We have approximately twenty lenders that we are under contract with,” he explains. “This allows us to shop them for a better finance package than what a consumer can arrange at their local bank or credit union. We present the options and let the consumer make the choice that best fits them.”

And it includes sharing his informed opinion about warranties. Personally, he says he never buys extended warranties on consumer products – except when it comes to cars. And there’s a good reason for that. High-priced household items like refrigerators don’t undergo the wear and tear that a car does, but an extended warranty might cost as much as twenty-five percent of its purchase price. But a good extended warranty for a vehicle will only cost five or six percent of its purchase price.

But if you buy an extended warranty from the Birdnow Family of Dealerships, it’s almost like the factory warranty, and they do all the paperwork. They want satisfied customers, after all. “Our reputation is at stake.”

The Birdnow Family of Dealerships’ owns award-winning car dealerships Near Cedar Rapids, Waterloo and Des Moines Iowa, with new and pre-owned Chevy and other cars and trucks.


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